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OG Jacky Chan in them OG Pumps. 

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Me: Okay, time to do some work, time to be productive. 

*Sits down at office workstation.*

Me: Better make some coffee first. 

*Sits back down with beverage.*

Me: Really need a snack to go with this, hey.

*Repeats ad infinitum.*

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Good Friday indeed. 

Me, ages ago: “CDs are the way of the future, nothing will succeed them!”
Me, now: “So, ah, these are the things that were meant to go into that strange slot on my old MacBook? Huh.”

Old University Peer #1: “Just got offered a new position at my firm.”

Old University Peer #2: “I’m about to go to Oxford to do my Masters in Law.”

Me: “Cool. I just finished Super Mario 3D World and bought some Stan Smiths.”

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"Drinking Beers, Making Friends."

Going to make that the title of my memoir.