Super Smash Bros gets deep.

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Sneak peak of the photos I’ve taken in New York so far // I miss @saskiaedwards so much already. (at The Hole)

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apple-cart said: >:|

Just tell me how you feel, Apple Cart. Everything’s going to be alright. 


My lovely friend Ren is off to New York to live! I illustrated the front cover of the handy guide the very talented Tess made for him. If I have any followers in NYC, all I can say is: you lucky bastards for stealing Ren away from us.

I am so, so lucky to have friends like Sophie and Tess

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Saturday was all The Go-Betweens and New Farm Park and beers with mates.

Yesterday and today were all packing a small car full of gear hungover, and taking 6 and a bit hours to complete a three hour drive, and stopping at a country pub where every one looked at us weird but the food and beers were good and cheap, and pitching a tent that was too small, and more beers with mates but this time around a great fire we accidentally lit outside the permitted zone.

It’s been a really great last weekend in Australia.

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Ren leaves for New York in less than a week on the visa I had and I’m so jealous it hurts. 

It used to take me exactly one play of Transatlanticism to walk from my local Tradewise grocery store to my apartment, underneath the Kosciusko St subway stop, past the Family Dollar with cigarette ads in the window, past the house that had three McDonald’s outdoor seating tables in their front yard, past the homeless man who never left the same corner, past the South Bushwick Reformed Church, past the family who would wash their car every Saturday, past the Catholic Shrine that looked incredible covered in snow, past the donation bin I loaded all my coloured stockings and headbands and doona and old persona into in my last week, past the deli where I’d get an egg and cheese and a JOOSE, right up to 1162 Greene Avenue Apartment 3. 

I’ll probably kill Ren if he doesn’t love every second of it. 

Don’t worry, Tess. I’m going to love it, and you’ll be happy for me until you get fed up of my constant Facebook messages asking how to do things, where to find things and where the cheapest alcohol is. 

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Listening to The Go-Betweens, going to drink some beers in New Farm Park, having a real Brisbane Day.


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