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Good Friday indeed. 

Me, ages ago: “CDs are the way of the future, nothing will succeed them!”
Me, now: “So, ah, these are the things that were meant to go into that strange slot on my old MacBook? Huh.”

Old University Peer #1: “Just got offered a new position at my firm.”

Old University Peer #2: “I’m about to go to Oxford to do my Masters in Law.”

Me: “Cool. I just finished Super Mario 3D World and bought some Stan Smiths.”

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"Drinking Beers, Making Friends."

Going to make that the title of my memoir.

Friendliness of the staff, cuteness of the staff, taste of the coffee, brew methods, amount of free stuff they give me, or, ways in which I judge a coffee joint.

This album though, amirite?

Sorry, I can’t come into work today. There’s too much anime that needs watching.
Me, imagining being able to stay home from work tomorrow.