surmise-en-scene: Japanese anime legends Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, just hangin’

Did he chop all that wood, what are they looking at?

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When you’ve almost lived in Melbourne for a year and the only people you hang out with are also from Brisbane and when you go to the pub together they play The Go Betweens :’)

This, except I still live in Brisbane, really miss you all, but love seeing everyone happy and together through the internets. 

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My cousin, Dwaine, invented a cocktail that he’s titled “The D” and now he’s going around this family party asking people whether they’ve tried The D yet, whether they’d like The D.


laura callaghan

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Wrecking Force by Voxtrot

And you can be anyone
Or just some mother’s wasted son
Oh you can be your own god if you want to

This band could have been the best, at least we still have those first two EPs. 

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Let’s  get this captioned first screenshot of X-Files S02E13 to 10,000 notes on Tumblr, based on it’s soft grunge relatability.

The truth is out there. 

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sweatpants with belt loops 

Business casual. 

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Yesterday was a strange day.


Original illustration by Jaime Hernandez of Hopey and her band for the 1990 Love & Rockets calendar, published by Fantagraphics.

*Heart Eyes Emoji*

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Yesterday someone referred to me as a “chill Nike dude” and that’s all I’ve ever aspired to, to be honest.